Poor old man, he had an accident with a three-bar fire,
but that’s OK, because he wasn’t very happy anyway.

Sweet and Tender Hooligan, The Smiths


Virgil Howe

Virgil Howe passed away on 11th September 2017. Virgil also recorded for 3 Bar Fire Records under the moniker Sparo. He was a talented musician, playing drums for Little Barrie and he is sadly missed by everyone. Virgil’s track ‘Someday’ currently has 500,000 + plays on Spotify.

Silver Man

Silver Man is the long time project of 3 Bar Fire Records and Outpost Media founder David Silverman. A deal with Tru Thoughts in 2003 led to the release of lead album track ‘Strike 3’, and although the album was completed in 2004, it was not released until 2014. “I started the PR company in 2005 and I literally hung up my producer headphones overnight – it was one or the other, I knew I couldn’t dedicate myself to both”. It wasn’t until 2014 that Silver Man revisited the unreleased album, had the tracks re-mastered and put them through the Outpost / 3 Bar Fire system with publishing, distribution, promotion and label services all happening in-house. “I was the guinea pig for our music release system where we can do everything ourselves and it has worked really well”.

Duke Spook

Duke Spook is the alter ego of electronic stalwart, Tony Stone. Hailing from Sheffield his musical output sits uncomfortably amongst music from people like Burial, Pinch and the burgeoning dubstep scene. Duke eschews elements of his industrial past into his whirling brew of thumped up electronica, constantly underpinning 2-step drum patterns with Brian Eno like swabs of drawling ambience.

Pitch Twit

‘Sidewards’ is the debut release for Yorkshire based producer Pitch Twit, the sucker-punch pseudonym of Thomas Sidebottom. Although coming from a classical music background, the synthesized bleeps and wobbles squeezing out of the speakers during ‘Sidewards’ and ‘Pieces Of 4’ here show Pitch Twit’s knack for electronic dance music – twisting sounds and melody to accentuate his percussive thumps.


“I first came into contact with the Sirians as a child. One night in a Devonshire cottage an intense white light streaming through the curtains awaked me. In the glare I could make out a figure standing still and silently before me. The form told me without words that I was not to feel fear, our planet had always been under their control and that one day, soon, there will come a time where only good will be, all the evil and lies will be crushed by an understanding of love. And with this they gave me my name ‘Sparo’ and a MPC2000XL to help people of this planet understand what that meant and help destroy evil.”

The Death of Pop

Shoe-gaze four piece The Death of Pop signed a publishing deal with Outpost in 2015, coordinating a successful sync deal with the band’s self-styled single ‘Don’t Hang Around’ and premium British fashion brand Jack Wills. The single provided the soundtrack to Jack Wills’ Autumn visual, appearing worldwide in the UK, USA and Asia across all of the brands social platforms and receiving nearly 200,000 views.


Mixing and mingling, cutting and chopping, Jstar has been pumping out reggae tinged remixes and productions for over ten years now. The staple sounds of his West London musical heritage echo through his DJ sets of tropical Jamaican flavours and grimey street bass, celebrating an eclectic mix of music genres from rocksteady to heavy dub.

Marek Kubala

Newcomer Marek Kubala pours out his inner musings into his debut EP ‘Awhile’. Fusing the progressive electronics of French duo Air with the acoustic subtleties of Elliot Smith and Nick Drake, ‘Awhile’s warm, lo-fi tracks combine heartfelt lyricism with lush instrumentation.

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